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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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that thousands of protesters continue to make their way to tuffy a square both for and mubarak supporters we're hearing reports of buses loaded with protesters also coming they're bringing with them packets of food packets of medical supplies i can tell you that the situation out there is really really scary square was just a short distance behind me on the other side of the river the military helicopters are flying overhead i can hear them want to talk to you when i'm out on the streets frightened residents who are not actually at the square keep telling me to go indoors go indoors people are holed up in their homes people are following events on television if they're not don in the square itself. the journalist of our sister organization was injured he was hit by a stone because people are using stones or using bricks they using molotov cocktails anything that they can get their hands on now there was a moment yesterday when it looked as if this violence could be prevented when all of a sudden people arrived on camels and on horseback it's not really clear who sent them but what we do suspect is that they are people who work at the pyramids and they
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are angry with the fact that tourists have been kept away because of concerns of what is happening here so question suspicions who is behind this violence and with me to explore this i have mr addle i'll add way who is a member of the egyptian foreign relations council thank you for joining me do you think that there is foreign involvement i think that is the cause of a lot of arrangements and a lot of support especially from the media from media from outside egypt and i think this is really very sad because. a lot of pressure from many affection a lot of factions they don't like to see egypt. i don't know. what about a figure like mohamed el baradei could he be influencing the western media i think you'd be happy you could influence the western media but fortunately has no influence inside here because people. as a teacher just coming for
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a short time talking to a little bit and then going out and the most of his time he was living outside and he was never even asked to do it to be and to interfere he he was. a journalist proposed some as you can figures and he was one of their so it's not even his initiative he came just by another in asia and i think he's not doing he's not trying anything new just trying to inflame people i don't know why he when you talk about foreign influence which countries specifically are we talking about i don't see exist especially country but i think there's a lot of factions they want to see the middle east different middle east they don't want to see a stable middle is they want to see a more radical surrounds they want to see the radical change in everything around the world around the middle east and this is a very strong factions they are really well very well organized and they have a lot of support from other countries what about
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a group like the muslim brotherhood we know that it was established in the one nine hundred twenty s. in the united kingdom do you think that the united kingdom whether through the more i have evidence is also involved in this violence. maybe but i can't i can't say but for sure they all the brotherhood everywhere they are supporting and they are already because around in the areas you want to see things changing and i see myself she's already changed what the people wanted it's already done what we are in need is just a little bit. quietly so it can be implemented what is already done in egypt we never expected that it could be done in such a short time and as i looked at the change in the constitution in the political life for the social life economic life is already starting so we have a chance for the government what about the regimes that we're seeing in yemen and in jordan i mean protests have poked. now there these are regimes that have
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traditionally been supported by the united states in the same way that mubarak was supported by the united states they must be very worried i mean it seems as if the u.s. has abandoned mubarak do you think that they could be concerned that america's about to abandon them i think as a lot of started the yemeni government is destructive to declare a lot of changes and also in jordan there's tossed a lot of the changes i think what is going on in egypt affect most of the middle east and not only the middle east and all the area because it really is as we watch now all the t.v.'s around we see that all the international community is following this is following what's going on because it affects the economy the financial and even the stability and security but can these regimes trust the united states because they certainly have shown mubarak that he can trust it any way any regime has to. to follow the rules from the inside don't expect somebody from the outside can help you no way that anyone from the outside can help but what it can help any
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people is the people themselves from inside the country i think in egypt we don't need any help of from anyone what we are in need is just that we can to be united and to confront our problem but. the international community is already busy with it but how is the average person on the street feeling about american america's involvement in the fact that it really hasn't put across a clear position on on how it sees the situation here in egypt. really i don't like to be against any of the foreign powers of the international community because i think it is our own job we have to see we need all the support of all nations we need the russians americans the europeans to be supporting us because we are now in a very critical moment we need we need to have all the support of the international community so we can overcome this and then too we will overcome it because we started. government which is dealing very carefully we have now as you mentioned
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before the military all around but they don't interfere they just want to protect the is a public property and the right to keep people more secure and just to watch things but in many other countries normally they normally interfere just to stop any sort of. unusual which is a question that thousands of people are asking here in cairo as well what exactly is the military planning to do there out there on the streets but they keeping a very very low profile the other point of course as was mentioned here is the role of islamist groups and my colleague laura emmet looked into that further. i egypt in turmoil young men out on the streets calling for the unity of the muslim nation ruled by sure. but this isn't cairo it's london where young men are also out
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on the streets calling for an islamic state this is his but an organization linked to terrorist activities throughout the world it's banned in russia and in some arab countries including egypt but in the u.k. it's allowed to operate freely in britain it's very hard in the current legislation to ban here's what i hear the government when they're out there we're going to i think once they're in power they've seen. the legislation specifically so i think they'll carry on monitoring the groups but won't do anything to prescribe the trouble in egypt prompted this london demonstration with the british arm of his but terror it jumping on the bandwagon to promote their own islamic state in front of the embassy in london was a big demonstration in support. to the uprising in egypt and. the. demonstration wanted to do it. in front of the embassy but actually they.
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refused and they said this is. demands and has nothing to do with it. and you want to put this down because this is according to understanding of islam the influence runs both ways the muslim brotherhood egypt's main opposition and the notable incisive of the current demonstrations is according to some a creation of british intelligence you might get the muslim brotherhood. creation from the one nine hundred twenty s. . to oppose modernity at least that's the basic thing they did. fifty's and sixty's there some of those factions may have mellowed but still this is quite a leap. the muslim brotherhood. we look into their background their sensually they pretend to be. well they're centrally a fabrication the global. outside muslim countries has put terror
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enjoys its strongest support here in the u.k. it's organized on university campuses including luton which was attended by the stockholm bomber and although the organization claims it doesn't advocate violence the links are there for all to see she bomber richard reid influenced by his book terror preaches to british suicide bombers who attacked to bar in tel aviv in two thousand and three hundred eighty contacts. who tried to detonate car bombs in london and glasgow in two thousand and seven influence by his but terrorism members while studying the government's policy on radical islamic organizations while they operate inside the law in the u.k. involves dialogue and debate groups like his but terrorists are allowed to demonstrate so you can leave here calling for an end to democracy and the instigation of shari'a law but the violence in egypt has already spread to the u.k. in the form of demonstrations here at the embassy and the question now being asked
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is whether the every voice with an opinion on egypt's future has the right to be heard nor emmett's r.t. . and would also like to weigh in now that you can see what's going on in cairo at the moment live on our website and at r.t. dot com the unrest in egypt is creating fear as elsewhere in the region over what's next international political consultant. says it's israel that's particularly afraid on an islamic takeover in egypt. israel has a lot of fears on its mind it's not just a general fear it's a very particular things you know israel's afraid of an islamist takeover of egypt israel's afraid of destabilization spreading to the palestinian areas israel's afraid of the leader who might not be a full partner in dealing with iran and that's something that you have to keep in mind these are obviously the biggest things on israel's mind that's always going to come first there's been a sense for a long time that mubarak is pretty much the only thing holding egypt in place as a peace partner so israelis are clearly very nervous they kept pretty quiet in the
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beginning but you saw early on that there is not a great deal of trust that a change in government in egypt will be good for israel and there was already you know a politician who was saying that egypt is not ready for democracy necessarily it took our prime minister a long time to make any statement in support of democratic change in egypt and that's really that really comes from a place of fear. and as the u.s. government struggles to decide on who to support in egypt professor side mohammad marandi says america has only one goal in the region to prevent the arab and muslim world from getting stronger. they're not on the side of the people in the people recognize that they're playing a double game they're on the one hand very much on the side of the establishment on the side of the barak obama so they money but on the other hand they tell the egyptian people that they they hear their voices and they wish and pray for their freedom but we all know that the ruling establishment cannot last without american
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support and the gyptian people know that these countries do not want them to be free not only because do they want the americans and the europeans who want to remain in power and have their head to meet in these countries but they also know that an independent egypt independent jordan and an independent arabia meaning so to arabia is something that would be detrimental to israeli regime so the united states and the europeans will wish very much to prevent the people of the region from empowerment. an emerging r.t. live from moscow coming up in just a few moments a ticket to take off. russia's first mass produced passenger jets in soviet times gets ready to soar into high flying market. and that was allowing website wiki leaks has been nominated for a nobel peace prize the controversial news comes as its founder julian assange finds himself in yet another scandal this time with
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a new york times the paper made a fortune off the back of the u.s. diplomatic cables leaked to a biased songe but his art is more in a park not found out it's gratitude only go so far. it was a love story in the making i don't blame the new york times for running the story nomadic are strongly in with classified u.s. documents and american newspaper with the power to print that in june of last year i got a fairly mysterious phone call from the editor in chief of the guardian newspaper in london asking if we were interested in partaking in a vast trove of secret u.s. documents the new york times and julian a songe developed a relationship all other u.s. mainstream media outlets envied boycie leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks the new york times first introduced readers to the popular whistleblower website in june publishing classified u.s. war logs posted on wiki leaks in the midst of declining readership and a shrinking budget a songe was
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a blessing for the times. the paper has printed two hundred stories on a songe more than five hundred on wiki leaks articles detailing shocking field reports of u.s. operations in afghanistan chaos and illegal activity behind the iraq war and embarrassing diplomatic tactics used by the u.s. state department but like many passionate romances he told us he wouldn't sleep in one place more than one night if he had to the gray lady has kicked the blonde out of bed and is now selling juicy details of a six month affair for just under six bucks initial impressions of julian assange you know send up some red flags new york times employees describe a songe as a source not a partner or collaborator a man who acted like a fugitive conspiratorial and contemptuous of the u.s. government it seems to me exteriorly opportunists to take the information to deal with the guy to use the information and then to say well he's more. of
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a villain or man on the loose or on the run when in fact they're using isn't. nation and trying to disparage his character at the same time the timing may not be a coincidence the u.s. justice department is conducting a criminal investigation into wiki leaks reportedly looking into the espionage act to prosecute a songe government official say publishing secret documents from the pentagon and state department created a national security risk controversy or wiki leaks founder this whole wiki leaks flat wiki leaks scandal but even mainstream media echoing the government's criticism talk much less about lindsay britney and charlie sheen when wiki leaks whacks the world with a new load of secrets surrounding government corruption or to put a different good songe in an interview with sixty minutes says it's about giving people information they need if you are a whistleblower and you have
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a neutral that is important we will accept we will defend you and we will publish it you can't turn away material simply because it comes from not states yet ironically our first amendment powerhouse within the united states is turning its back on a man utilizing free speech to garner government accountability and transparency they have a vested interest the new york times in making julian or songe out to be something that the public cannot rely on because once the rest of us begin going to wiki leaks to get our information and we begin by passing the new york times then the new york times loses more and more business and eventually it disappears in this case the new york times has gone from writing about the story to making itself a part of the story and now it's up to readers and viewers to decide if the newspaper in this narrative is a protagonist and hero or just a slimy heartthrob that seduced a source reap the rewards and then. turning up for
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nigh on artsy new york. r.t. spoke to swedish journalist al burke who thinks there could be apple. jannah behind us on just case with the u.s. driving it he says there is a long history of american influence in sweden the full interview is coming up next hour. it's always had a big influence the least since the great wave of immigration of sweets states in the nineteenth century and they created a kind of a reservoir of goodwill interest in all things that are really major turning point was entry into the european union. and european union as you probably know it is in terms of foreign policy and military intelligence the subordinate to the united states really nato is completely infiltrated you know so as soon as the social democrats announced that they were going to lead the country into the
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european union you started to see very clear signs that. sweden was adapting its foreign policy to. the needs of nato the interests of the you with the united states or for. russia's first post soviet passenger plane a super jet one hundred has been given the go ahead to take to the skies and there's a lot expected of the aircraft whether it's design or is confident it will be popular around the world and authorities have explains its first flights will provide an opportunity to prove itself to the international market. at last cleared for takeoff the much trumpeted an offer delayed superjet one hundred is due to be certified to make commercial flights over russia and the former soviet republics. in the canyon this it if it is the most important document to be given to any plane it's a ticket into the world of aviation. heavily backed by the government the super jet
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one hundred is the first mass produced civil aircraft launched by russia since soviet times with around one hundred seats it's aimed at the booming regional plane market taking orders for the last five years the makers sukhoi promised to get the super jet carrying passengers by two thousand and eight the tension problems have caused delays and many airlines to decision to wait and see. one hundred seventy orders to. gain profit. at least. five hundred five hundred six hundred forty s. . to be done now that the super jets will exist as more than just a show exhibits so coy are hoping the floodgates will open the brazilian m. brier and the canadian bombard there have considerable head starts but are more expensive a chinese rival has been built but on not fly commercially for several years the
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next step for the super jet will be receiving worldwide certification it will see its spread its wings and saw into the high flying foreign markets europe now have artsy moscow. now it's some of the stories from around the world in yemen thousands of protesters have taken to the capital for the great against the country's president ali abdullah saleh meanwhile supporters of the current government also gathered for a rally and are accusing the opposition of trying to create chaos the demonstrations come a day after the yemeni president pledged not to seek another term in office two weeks of protests in the country have been inspired by the young breasts in tunisia and egypt. storm considered a stray worst in a century has left entire towns in queensland devastated while there have not you have been reports of casualties thousands have been left homeless emergency services have been working to clear block roads and reach cut off communities the
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storm is also reported to have caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to crops meaning further financial trouble for queensland following the floods there. the u.s. senate has rejected a republican attempt to repeal president obama's health care plan passed almost a year ago the reforms widen medical insurance coverage to the poor and those with existing illnesses and would include thirty million i had known before but the measures have been attached by the republicans and the ride a socialist and number of judges have ruled out the compulsory nature of medical insurance was illegal meaning the reforms fade could be decided by the supreme court. than our business update or to careen a fellow marine and of course all we're talking about today in the world of business is the latest from the moscow for a business that's right this year it tracks a record number of business people from all over the world details from our correspondent in just a moment but first russia's largest lenders burbank is planning to buy investment
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from troika dialog according to that it was the newspaper the state bank will initially acquired eighty percent stake in the company for around one billion dollars remaining shares if you bought within the next three years south africa's bank which was thirty three percent of troika in two thousand and nine will be the first to sell its share buyout plan arrows after burbank set itself the task of creating a full fledged investment business. the second day of russia for the russian forum is underway in moscow and this year it's attracted a record number of business leaders investors and officials from all over the world r.t.s. when she met with danko brings us the latest from that forum. russia's finance minister yesterday was saying that in order for russia to maintain a sustainable rate of growth for more than even four percent a year and russia needs to attract seven to ten percent investment more. a year while the figures that the privatization program plays
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a large part in this and the finance minister said yesterday for example that. the second largest banks not ten percent will be privatized but twenty percent and today we've got a call which the present economic advisor actually backed this initiative to have privatization going at a faster larger scale. was to surplus and. i completely agree we have to be more aggressive in tribal ties in states companies and you i also concur with the idea that should be fully almost fully privatized if it plans to buy other banks in addition i believe that the states shane banks should also be reduced to under fifty percent and not just fifty percent plus one share. in the gift cards talk more about what to expect from the state privatization program we're joined by boris jordan from renascence insurance the president of the raisin service thank you so much for your time with us so do you agree with this approach that privatization to go to larger scale yes absolutely i mean. the more the government
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sells down stakes in russian companies the more competition will be between russian companies and the state will therefore have much less influence in the competition in business so it's our view that it solves two issues the one is competitiveness and number two is it raises the much needed money for russian government to further go its investment program. as look at the markets now european stock markets are lower investors await the european central bank rate decision later in the day the footsies down a quarter of a percent of the dax is up just a notch well that shell europe's biggest oil company slumped over three percent after the fourth quarter results copper climbs to record highs ten. thousand u.s. dollars per metric ton on the london metal exchange speculation that recovering economies will lead to increased demand for industrial metal and the russian markets are mixed with the r.t.s. up and i'm isaac's losing over a quarter of a percent and as you shares have retreated with look oil and gas plant trading in
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the black. is the biggest loser so far down one and a half percent. grand crude has surged above three hundred three dollars a barrel mark fueled by rising demand and the tensions in egypt and he experts say or there's likely to continue rolling over the next several years if the global economy is stronger than is expected because the western countries recover and the u.s. recovers then the demand for oil will be very strong and oil prices will go up and if i'm right and everything collapses in the world in the next five ten years then oil prices will go up because of the wars and the disruptions of traffic and shipping and so forth so either way i think you'll do relatively well in the next ten years. that's all i have for you this hour but we'll bring you the latest from a comic form in the next hour so join me.
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this is our the line from moscow and reminder of our top stories an edge of the army have reportedly started arresting anti-government protesters and the turmoil in cairo and in many other countries with terrorism related groups calling for the creation of an islamic state hitting the streets of the u.k. the country were the radical organization partly responsible for the egyptian on rest was created. the new york times is under fire for its treatment of wiki leaks founder julian assange the paper made a fortune off the back of stories coming from the cables leaked to abbas has distanced itself from a songe after the launch of a criminal investigation. and russia's first mass produced passenger jets in soviet times gets ready to soar into high flying market after overcoming several delays the super jet one hundred is about to be approved to perform commercial flights in
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russia and the c.i.s. . now the viet nam war is never left america's national consciousness our special report focuses on that enduring scar but now american holocaust is coming right up . how many people died in the vietnam war we knew of the americans with some persuasion it is just over fifty eight thousand each with his or her knee i mean grieved on the vietnam memorial in washington d.c. but how many vietnamese not to mention laotians or cambodians died with the us and. probably no one would know for certain.


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